Starting October 2017 For The Fall and Winter Seasons, “Borrow A Mobile For A Month”

Annex Suspended - Borrow A Mobile For A Month

On October 1st we are starting a new promotion called “Borrow A Mobile For A Month” and what that means is: a lucky winner will get to borrow a mobile, pre-decided, for a whole month for FREE. It’s one thing to see photos of mobiles but sometimes you want to try it on for size. This month we will be signing out World Rearranging No. 2 to a special woman named MK Landry. It’s going to be one special October for the Landry household! To be eligible for a monthly lending, you must be a resident of the Elk Valley, tell us where you’d like to put it and why and then promise to take pictures for the world to see. Easy. Stay tuned for November’s “Borrow A Mobile” Mobile.