Top 5 Mobiles For Nursery Rooms

When Michelle and I started making mobiles, we wanted to create mobiles for all ages but we can’t deny the high demand for mobiles in a nursery room or kid’s room. Mobiles add fun, colour, texture and movement to a room and they’re often used to distract the little ones while changing a nappy or struggling to apply clothes to their wriggly little bodies.

The best place for our mobiles is in a location with good air flow – above a register, by a window or high traffic area. One customer commented on how her mobile, in the location she placed it, doesn’t move at all until someone comes in the room. We love that it comes alive when someone is around! How cool is that?!

Here are our top five baby mobiles:

Annex Suspended - Unprepared - Small Town Rain Clouds MobileSpace Mobile Art - Centre of the Universe - Planets and Astronautannex_whiteleaves_smAnnex Suspended - Red Canoe - Canoe mobile, waves and fishDive and Descend - Blue Whale mobile - handmade, hand crafted, unique ocean lovers mobile