Annex Suspended’s Four March Mobiles

This month we have two returning mobile designs and two brand new ideas. Annex Suspended is also introducing Circle Art, original, hand painted circle wall hangings that can be paired with mobiles to add depth, texture and colour.

A special thank you goes to an adorable little 3 year old, Leo Park, who helped us with our props and to Wild Wolves Design who cut and branded our new mobile hangers! They’re amazing.

Big Horned Sheep mobile by Annex Suspended - Rocky Mountain Wildlife Animal Art

Bighorn Herd – Inspired by our years living in the Elk Valley, bighorn sheep can be found climbing the local mountains. These fearless animals are commonly spotted on the side of Hwy 3, close to Elko, and are not bothered in the least by the speeding cars zipping by. $150 (plus tax and shipping)

Solar System mobile by Annex Suspended - Centre of the Universe No. 2

Centre of the Universe No. 2 – Michelle and I, combined, have four children under the age of 7. We watch these amazing kids soak in information every day and every single one of them constantly remind us what it means to be imaginative, creative and open to the mysteries of the world. $150 (plus tax and shipping)

Blue Whales Family mobile by Annex Suspended - Dive and Descend Suspended Art

Dive and Descend No. 2 – Michelle Galway grew up in Newfoundland and misses the smell of the ocean. Dive and Descend is for all those who love the vast blue waters and admire the largest mammals who cannot exist without it, the Blue Whale. $250 (plus tax and shipping)

Submarine and fish nursery mobile by Annex Suspended - with hanging wall circle art

Life Aquatic – Life Aquatic is about a curious submarine getting a glimpse of a large school of fish. This unique mobile art is about adventure, admiration and curiosity.  $95 (plus tax and shipping)

This month we started a new idea that we’re calling Circle Art. Circle Art is painted by Brina Schenk and can be bought in conjunction with a mobile or on its own. This month we released Circle Art – Deeper Waters. $95 (plus tax and shipping)