Art Is Important To The Individual

It’s a life long struggle as an artist, to remember the “why”. Why do we make? Why do we create art? Why bother? And then I look at the pieces in my house and I am reminded so quickly. I have a painting on my bedroom wall, a small piece in a cheap frame, it was gifted to me by an old friend. The painting itself, not a masterpiece or anywhere near a perfect composition, makes me smile. This little painting reminds me of a time in my life when I was struggling and then I met a man who guided me through the storm and I came out stronger than ever before. That little insignificant painting is a symbol of my journey. Place that exact same painting in someone else’s house and it will hold a completely different place in their hearts, perhaps even end up in a garage sale.

Not every piece in my house represents a life changing moment but they all spark something in me. That’s the greatest thing about art. Art is important to the individual. When I paint, I need to remember that it’s not always about me. When we make mobiles, we need to remember it’s not all about Michelle and I. So we keep making, painting, creating because somewhere there’s a person who will have that mobile in the corner of their room and when it moves, it can spark something in them that is beautiful.