Three Types Of Mobiles By Annex

Annex is getting organized. We’re attending curated markets, selling online and we are getting smart about how we want to sell our handmade mobiles.

You can now shop:

New Mobiles

New mobiles are the designs that we take through the full creative process. We brainstorm, design, tweak, collaborate, balance. We usually start with just one or two mobiles in that design. If we like it and it’s easy to make in small batches, we turn it into a Catalogue Mobile.

Catalogue Mobiles

Catalogue Mobiles are the mobiles we make in small batches. Each mobile comes ready to hang with hardware and an Instructions and Care card so your mobile can hang properly and last a lifetime.

Custom Mobiles

Custom mobiles are designed collaboratively by the Annex team and with you. Whether you enjoy camping, sleeping under the stars, plants, outer space or dinosaurs, we want to help you get the mobile that fits your family, home and style.