Annex Suspended Flora and Fauna - black and white and colourful illustrated hangers

Annex Suspended – Exclusive To Our April Markets

We are attending two large handmade markets this April so we wanted to offer something small, special and unique to the patrons.

The first is called Flora and Fauna. Brina started drawing the flora and fauna in black marker, creating our initial 8 hangers. Once those were done, Brina scanned, digitally coloured and printed the designs to create 11 more colourful flora and fauna hangers. $10 each! Not a bad price for something so adorable!

Next we have Bear by the River in colour. You may have seen the originals (black and white illustrations) but we’ve done the same thing as our Flora and Fauna – we scanned them, coloured them and printed them on a nice thick paper. Only $20 for this adorable bear by the river and when the air is flowing nicely, he dances! These are limited, only 3 available, with a few modified versions.

Find us at Market Collective in Calgary on April 27-29 and Lethbridge Handmade Market on April 14th.

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