Comments From The Crowd

Being at a market, you hear all sorts of reactions and questions:

“You’re not supposed to have mobiles with cats.”
“Our dog would shred that to pieces.”
“I don’t have a baby.”
“We don’t want to put holes in our ceiling.”
“I could watch those whales all day.”
“I don’t have a theme. I’m a bad mom.”
“Do you have any sheep?”
“Do you have any giraffes?”
“Do you have any rabbits?”
“Can you do a custom ocean animal mobile?”
“They’re so calming.”

But we love hearing it all. I could stand there and hear people’s reactions to our whales and bighorn sheep ALL day long. Our mobiles made people smile, really big smiles, and that was such a pleasure for me to see. That’s exactly what our mobiles are all about – fun, calming, happiness, connecting.

So here are some answers to some of the above questions that you may have thought to yourself.

Mobiles with cats and dogs:
Cats, dogs and mobiles can live in harmony but our mobiles should always be placed up high and out of reach of small children and animals. We use small beads, wire and other bits that shouldn’t be played with and we have had animals returned for a touch up because they were mauled by a pet.

No baby:
We believe all of our mobiles can be used in any room, for any age. Michelle and I put mobiles all over our houses and we are grown a** women. My favourite place to put mobiles is in my front bay window. There’s wonderful air that moves into that space spinning the mobiles so gracefully and frequently…plus, we can show them off to everyone who walks by. Everyone wins.


No holes in our ceiling:
This is a thing that I didn’t even think about when we started making mobiles because we put screws all over our house and never think twice about it. Some new home owners and renters might live differently. We did some research and found some reusable adhesive hooks that should be magical.  Perhaps we should order some and try them out.

I don’t have a theme:
Not everyone does. I often found, when I asked what theme or style was in the nursery, people turned red and expressed their regret. My kids sleep in a room full of all sorts of interesting nonuniform objects. One woman said something really encouraging for those without a theme, “I don’t have a theme. I just fill our rooms with things I like.”

Do you have any _______:
We may or may not have the animal/shapes/colours you’re looking for but that’s why we offer custom mobiles. Michelle and I make 3 new mobiles a month and we’ve only be doing it for 11 months but we’re trying our best to cover as many themes as we can. Send us a message and let us know what you’re thinking of. You can base your ideas off of something we’ve done in the past or throw a new idea at us. We love a challenge. or use our contact page.

The mobiles are calming:
We love hearing this because we agree 100% that our mobiles are so calming and easy to look at. I could (and have) watched our whales or our trout swim about for hours. We had one women purchase a mobile for her bedroom because of this exact reason. They’re calming.

Annex Suspended Art - Neutral Geometric Triangle Wood Mobile