Dive and Descend - Blue Whale Pod Handmade Mobile Art by Annex Suspended

Annex’s Suspended Art – New & Catalogue Mobiles Explained

Annex Suspended has been trying to get organized. We’ve decided to create two different types of mobiles – New and Catalogue.

NEW Mobiles

Annex’s New Mobiles are the pieces that we create and launch on the first Friday of each month. These mobiles go through the full creative process – sometimes collaboratively, sometimes as solo missions. If we think the mobile could be made more than once, it will be turned into a Catalogue Mobile. Shop New here.


Annex’s Catalogue Mobiles are the mobiles and suspended art that Michelle and Brina create over and over, in small batches. We can return to an idea and make it new or just make a few more of something that really caught people’s attention. Shop Catalogue here.

Annex Suspended Art - New and Catalogue Mobiles

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