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Try and read these, your answer might be in there.

Do you do custom mobiles?

We do! We love new ideas and we also love a challenge. Check out our Custom Mobile page to find out more.

Do you accept any other forms of payment?

We do! Paypal was the easiest to set up on our website but we also accept cash and e-transfers.

I’m not sure which one to purchase as a gift, do you offer gift certificates?

We do! Email us and we will set you up.

How often do you make mobiles?

The first Friday of every month we release about one to three new mobiles. We also continue to work on our Annex Catalogue, making mobiles in small batches.

Who designs, builds and balances your mobiles?

Michelle Galway and Brina Schenk work together on almost every single mobile. A real collaborative effort.

Where are you located?

We live and work in Fernie, BC Canada with our families. Even our husbands help out here and there.

Will you sell wholesale?

Michelle and I are working on a catalogue of mobiles that can be created quicker while still maintaining our high quality. These will be packaged up, hardware included and ready to hang.

Do you attend markets?

Annex Suspended will be attending a few indoor markets in 2018. To find out which ones, go to our Events page.

Any suggestions on hanging our new mobile?

There are a few things to consider when hanging your mobile.
• Keep it out of reach of small children and pet animals. Our mobiles can be fragile and include small pieces (beads etc). Mobiles aren’t toys.
• Find a spot in your home or room with good air flow. This could be close to a window (we always have a mobile in our bay window and it is always moving), close to a register or near a high traffic area. Just your movement in a room can make the mobile come alive.
• Be sure to screw your hook in your ceiling far enough away from a wall to allow the mobile to fully rotate. Be careful, some mobiles are wider than you think once they start spinning around.