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These are the mobiles that we make in small batches.

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Blue Whales Family mobile by Annex Suspended - Dive and Descend Suspended Art

Dive and Descend No. 2 – Blue Whale Mobile

Michelle Galway grew up in Newfoundland and misses the smell of the ocean. Dive and Descend, our second blue whale mobile, is for all those who love the vast blue waters and admire the largest mammals who cannot exist without it, the Blue Whale. This modern whale mobile is perfect for any age and almost any room. We would love to see Dive and Descend go to someone special, someone who loves the ocean, loves whales, misses the smells of the ocean and admires life underwater. Makers: Michelle Galway produced the whales and collaboratively balanced it with Brina. Brina Schenk painted the whales. Materials: Cotton Fabric, Buckwheat filling, acrylic paint, transparent thread, metal ring to hang with, Baltic Birch Plywood. Recommendations: We don’t recommend putting these whales in bathrooms as they’re stuffed with buckwheat and we wouldn’t want any moisture to get inside. Size: 10″ wide, 31″ high


Solar System mobile by Annex Suspended - Centre of the Universe No. 2

Centre of the Universe No. 2 – Solar System Mobile

Michelle and I, combined, have four children under the age of 7. We watch these amazing kids soak in information every day and every single one of them constantly remind us what it means to be imaginative, creative and open to the mysteries of the world. Makers: Michelle produced the planets and collaboratively balanced the piece with Brina. Brina painted the planets and astronaut.



Gill To Gill No. 4 – Trout Mobile

A hand crafted, hand painted bull trout mobile by Annex Suspended. $125 m a t e r i a l s Cotton Fabric, Buckwheat fill, acrylic paint, bamboo rod, transparent wire m a k e r s Balanced and produced by Michelle. Painted by Brina. l o c a t i o n Annex Suspended – Fernie, BC