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These are the mobiles and suspended art Annex will continue to make in small batches.

Please note, prices do not include shipping. Shop online by PayPal or through Etsy. Don’t forget about our Gift Certificates, if you don’t want to be the one making the decision. Most of these designs are in our wholesale catalogue, if you’re interested in selling our mobiles in your shop, send us a little message and we’ll start planning.

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Annex Suspended Art - Handmade Mobiles Hanging Decor - Flamingo and Tropical Leaves Mobile

Flamingo Grace Hanging Art

The idea to do a flamingo came to us when we were visiting the Calgary Zoo this cold and rainy May. Flamingo Grace is a needle felted flamingo by Michelle and a laser cut tropical leaf designed by Brina. Size: 24″ h x 6.5″ w – Made to order. Contact us to have your own Flamingo Grace


Mountains and Rain Clouds Mobile - Handmade and hand painted by Annex

Valley Mountains Mobile

Inspired by the rainy spring and summer days we’ve been experiencing in Fernie, Valley Mountains mobile is made up of hand cut and hand painted pieces paired with shimmering glass beads. The perfect piece for any mountain, outdoor or adventure themed nursery or baby room. Size: 28″ h x 11.5 w - We have 2 available.


Queen Bee - Bee and honeycomb hanging decor - handmade mobiles

Queen Bee Mobile

A wool needle felted bee flying under a laser cut wood honeycomb is the cutest thing we’ve done since A Giraffe Dream. Size: 7″ wide x 23″ high (from the ring) Materials: wool, wood, transparent wire, beads, wire, acrylic paint, plastic wrap for the wings. Makers: Michelle Galway & Brina Schenk. Made to order.


Two Feathers - Paper Wall Hanging by Annex Suspended

Two Feathers Wall hanging

A modern feather wall hanging illustrated by Brina then cut using a 110lb off-white stock. Size: 8″ wide x 18″ high (from ring). Materials: white stock, faux suede cord, beads and wood Annex hanger. We have 1 available in yellow and 1 in light blue faux suede cord.


Flock of Swallows - A Paper Bird Mobile in Warm colours

A Flock of Swallows – Paper Bird Mobile

Flock of Swallows is amazing to watch as it spins, it’s almost like you’re watching the birds in the sky swoop and soar while they look for insects to eat. Size: 14” at widest x 33” high, from its metal ring.


Sweet Swallow No. 2 - Paper Bird, Leaf and Floral Mobile made in Fernie, BC Canada

Sweet Swallow No. 2

A beautiful hanging bird, leaf and floral mobile suspended from our soft x hanger. Bring the lush life of outside inside with Sweet Swallow No. 2. Made to order.


Annex Suspended - Paper Cloud and Raindrop Shower Mobile

Light Drizzle – Cloud and Raindrop Mobile

A delicate paper mobile of clouds and their raindrops. Balanced, simple and fun! We have 3 available. Sizes are approx 30-34″ in length and 7-10″ wide (depending on how its spinning).


Annex Suspended - Paper Bunny Mobile

Wild Hare Play – Bunny Mobile

A playful paper bunny mobile. Neutral coloured papers make this bunny mobile suitable for any room – bedroom, playroom or living room. It is recommended to keep this one out of the sunlight because the colours will begin to fade. 28" h x 15" at widest when spinning.


Annex Suspended - Paper Lace Strawberry Mobile

Strawberry Lace

White strawberry paper mobile by Annex Suspended. Created using Brina’s illustrations and die cutting them into delicate mobiles – perfect for any room. 19" high x 14" at widest.


Annex Suspended Mobile Art - Hand crafted, hand painted mobiles made in Fernie, BC Canada

Empire Eye No. 2

A modern wood hanger strung with hexagon rings. A stunning addition to any room that needs a little height and natural textures. We have 2 available but each are unique in its shapes and personality.



Puffin on a Rock Hanger

We adapted Brina’s original drawing into a colourful puffin hanger! It’s adorable, 2-sided and ready to hang. Only 2 left.


Annex Suspended Art - Natural Equilibrium Abstract Wood Wall Hanging or Mobiles

Natural Equilibrium

A stunning and simple wood abstract mobile or wall hanging made from oak wood. Hand crafted by Michelle and Brina. Size: 17.5″ H x 12″ W. We have 2 left!


Solar System mobile by Annex Suspended - Centre of the Universe No. 2

Centre of the Universe No. 2 – Solar System Mobile

Michelle and I, combined, have four children under the age of 7. We watch these amazing kids soak in information every day and every single one of them constantly remind us what it means to be imaginative, creative and open to the mysteries of the world. Makers: Michelle produced the planets and collaboratively balanced the piece with Brina. Brina painted the planets and astronaut.