We are looking forward to showing you our new mobiles and suspended art on March 2nd, 2018! If you’re in Lethbridge on April 14th, you’ll be able to meet us at the Lethbridge Handmade Market. Come say hi and check out our new mobiles.

Below are all the products we have available right now. Please note, prices do not include shipping. Shop online by PayPal or through Etsy. Browse through our past work for a little more inspiration.

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Annex Suspended Mobile - Soft Landscape - Abstract Colourful Mobile

Soft Landscape – Colourful, abstract mobile.

A colourful, modern abstract mobile for any age. Its soft droopy shapes mix and mingle to create different shapes and spaces as it spins around. Size: 30″ high x 11″ wide. Designed by Brina and built as a team. Materials: Wood, Acrylic Paint, Transparent Thread and a Metal Ring to hang it from.


Annex Suspended - Unprepared - Small Town Rain Clouds Mobile

Unprepared – A Small Town, Rainy Day Mobile

We’ve had many days like this in Fernie – perhaps, that is where the inspiration came from. A neutral, rain clouds and wood houses mobile – perfect for any age. Size: 25″ high x 10″ wide. Collaboratively made by Brina and Michelle. Materials: wood, needle felted wool, glass beads and transparent thread.


Annex Suspended Mobile - Tree Branch - Keep Strong - Wood Mobile Art

Keep Strong – Tree Branch Mobile

Wood tree branch mobile, slightly deconstructed but hangs beautifully. Perfect for a woodland theme nursery room or for any room needing a little outdoor decor. This tree branch was designed and balanced by Brina Schenk. Size: 16″ wide x 23.5″ high. Materials: Various woods, acrylic paint, transparent thread and beads.


Annex Suspended - Paper Bear by the River Mobile

Bear by the River – Hand drawn mobile

This patient bear is waiting for just the right time to snatch up those fish for lunch. Bear by the River was hand drawn, on both sides, and is a cute woodland theme mobile for any kid’s room or nursery. Size: 26″ x 10″. Materials: Paper, Ink, Transparent Thread, Wood Dowel, Metal Ring to hang it from.


Annex Suspended - Paper Koala in a tree mobile

Koala in a Tree – small paper mobile

This momma koala and her baby are resting at the top of a tree and enjoying the view. Hand drawn on thick paper, on both sides, by Brina Schenk. Size: 20″ x 6″.


Annex Suspended - Paper Puffin on the Rocks mobile

Puffin on the Rocks – Small Paper Mobile

This adorable puffin is just hanging out on a rock. He’s hand drawn on both sides and hand cut. It’s truly handmade! Size: 19″ high x 10″ wide. Materials: Paper, Transparent Thread, Ink and a Metal Ring to hang it from.


Annex Suspended - Seahorse Handmade Mobile and Glass Beads

35 Flutters – Seahorse Mobile

A seahorse uses it’s back fin to propel itself and flutters up to 35 times per second. This seahorse is on the move! Built by Michelle and painted by Brina. Size: 32″ high x 14″ widest. Materials: Cotton Fabric, Buckwheat Filling, Glass Beads, Transparent Thread and Wood Dowels.


Annex Suspended - Water Park hand drawn, hand crafted mobile

Water Park

A playful group of animal friends at the Water Park – bear in water wings, rabbit in her stunning carrot swimsuit, mouse about to snorkel and fish splashing around in an inflatable donut. Size: 32″ high and 8″ wide.



Gill To Gill – Trout Mobile

A hand crafted, hand painted bull trout mobile by Annex Suspended. $125 m a t e r i a l s Cotton Fabric, Buckwheat fill, acrylic paint, bamboo rod, transparent wire m a k e r s Balanced and produced by Michelle. Painted by Brina. l o c a t i o n Annex Suspended – Fernie, BC




Outer Space mobile – three red planets and a spacecraft. S i z e 10" wide x 24" high from the metal rod, 32" from the metal ring it hangs from (but this can be moved down, if necessary) m a t e r i a l s Papier-mâché, Styrofoam, Birch Plywood, Metal Rods, Transparent Wire, Acrylic Paint m a k e r s Designed and balanced by Michelle and Brina. Cut and papier-mâché by Michelle, painted by Brina. l o c a t i o n Annex Suspended – Fernie, BC


Annex Suspended Art - Wall Hanging - Follow Me Down The Street - Felt Bird

Follow Me

A beautiful bird friend that will never fly away. s i z e Bird: approx. 5.5" wide, 3.5" high Wood Block: 4" x 4" 14.5" long, comes 10" out from the wall s t a n d Follow Me is ready to hang with its own wall stand. Hardware included. m a t e r i a l s wood, brass rod, clear thread, needle felt, pins, wire, feathers m a k e r s bird and wall stand designed and balanced by Michelle Galway l o c a t i o n Annex Suspended - Fernie, BC



Lush Life

Lush Life is part of our Out of Tune series, an exploration of space, colours and textures in balance. Lush Life is painted on two sides with palm leaves, are like windows into the forest at night. s i z e 12.5" at its widest, 36" high (from hanging ring) p l a c e m e n t for optimum spin, 7" from nearest wall m a t e r i a l s solid oak wood, acrylic paint, fishing wire, beads, metal ring m a k e r s hand painted and produced by Brina Schenk


Hand painted wall hanging - wood suspended art - crafted in Fernie BC Canada

Natural Instincts

A whimsical wood wall hanging that will bring a splash of colour and life to your walls! Natural Instincts can instinctively live in any room and belong to any person of any age. It's that amazing! s i z e 20.5" at wide, 30.5" high, 0.264 kg or 0.58 lbs m a t e r i a l s oak wood, acrylic paint, clear thread, metal ring and wooden dowel m a k e r s hand painted by Brina Schenk, crafted and produced by Michelle Galway


Annex Suspended Art - Abstract Hand Drawn Art Interior Decor

World Rearranging No. 1

A beautiful hand drawn, abstract mobile inspired from recent drawings by Brina Schenk. s i z e 17" wide, 29" high, 0.57 lbs or 0.26 kg p l a c e m e n t for optimum spin, 8" from nearest wall m a t e r i a l s birch plywood, ink pen, acrylic paint, clear thread. m a k e r s artwork by Brina Schenk, crafted and produced by Michelle Galway.


Annex Suspended - contemporary home decor, handmade, crafted in Fernie BC - triangle mobile

Happening No. 1

A modern and cool triangle mobile. size 21" wide, 30" high, 0.15 lbs or 0.07 kg m a t e r i a l s hemfir wood, acrylic paint, thread, wire m a k e r s Cut and co-produced by Michelle Galway, painted and co-produced by Brina Schenk