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Here you’ll find our handmade mobiles and circle paintings that went through the full creative process – brainstorm, design, collaborate and balance. They might become Catalogue designs or they might be a mobile we do just once. Our next mobile release date is October 5th, 2018.

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Annex suspended Art - Handmade Mobiles in Canada - Felted Sheep and Lamb Mobile

A Walk in the Meadow – Sheep and Lamb Mobile

These Needle felted sheep and lamb were made and designed by Michelle. This piece is as adorable as it gets. It's a wonderful neutral piece of art for a nursery room or kid's room and would be a fabulous baby shower gift. Size: 20" h x 8" w.


Big Horned Sheep mobile by Annex Suspended - Rocky Mountain Wildlife Animal Art

Bighorn Herd Mobile

Inspired by our years living in the Elk Valley, bighorn sheep can be found climbing the local rocky mountain cliffs. These fearless animals are commonly spotted on the side of Hwy 3, close to Elko, and are not bothered in the least by the speeding cars zipping by. Bighorn Herd is the perfect mobile for mountain themed nursery or kid’s bedrooms. We wouldn’t want to limit the age of a mobile as we fully believe that mobiles are for everyone. Makers: Michelle Galway needle felted and designed, Brina Schenk balanced it. Materials: Wool, Beads, Baltic Birch Plywood, Transparent Thread, Metal Ring for hanging. Size: 11″ wide, 23″ high (from ring)


Submarine and fish nursery mobile by Annex Suspended - with hanging wall circle art

Life Aquatic – Underwater Exploration Mobile

Life Aquatic is about a curious submarine getting a glimpse of a large school of fish. This unique mobile art is about adventure, admiration and curiosity. Life Aquatic is paired with our new Circle Art – Deeper Waters. Makers: Michelle sculpted and collaborated on production and balance with Brina. Brina Schenk painted the Circle Art Deeper Waters and the submarine. Materials: wood, acrylic paint, transparent wire, creative paperclay, beads, baltic birch plywood and metal ring to hang it. Size: 10″ wide, 25″ high (from ring)


Annex Suspended Art - Fabric Bears and Birds Mobile

Bears & Birds – Fabric Mobile

Bears and Birds is the perfect addition to any woodland themed nursery room or children’s bedroom. It would be adorable above a change table or crib. It’s best to show this one off in a place that has excellent air flow to the animals spin around.


Annex Suspended - Paper Bear by the River Mobile

Bear by the River – Hand drawn mobile

This patient bear is waiting for just the right time to snatch up those fish for lunch. Bear by the River was hand drawn, on both sides, and is a cute woodland theme mobile for any kid’s room or nursery. Size: 26″ x 10″. Materials: Paper, Ink, Transparent Thread, Wood Dowel, Metal Ring to hang it from.


Annex Suspended - Paper Koala in a tree mobile

Koala in a Tree – small paper mobile

This momma koala and her baby are resting at the top of a tree and enjoying the view. Hand drawn on thick paper, on both sides, by Brina Schenk. Size: 20″ x 6″.


Annex Suspended - Paper Puffin on the Rocks mobile

Puffin on the Rocks – Small Paper Mobile

This adorable puffin is just hanging out on a rock. He’s hand drawn, two-sided and hand cut. It’s truly handmade! Size: 19″ high x 10″ wide. Materials: Paper, Transparent Thread, Ink and a Metal Ring to hang it from.


Annex Suspended Art - Wall Hanging - Follow Me Down The Street - Felt Bird

Follow Me

A beautiful bird friend that will never fly away. s i z e Bird: approx. 5.5″ wide, 3.5″ high Wood Block: 4″ x 4″ 14.5″ long, comes 10″ out from the wall s t a n d Follow Me is ready to hang with its own wall stand. Hardware included. m a t e r i a l s wood, brass rod, clear thread, needle felt, pins, wire, feathers m a k e r s bird and wall stand designed and balanced by Michelle Galway l o c a t i o n Annex Suspended – Fernie, BC


Annex Suspended Art - Abstract Hand Drawn Art Interior Decor

World Rearranging No. 1

A beautiful hand drawn, abstract mobile inspired from recent drawings by Brina Schenk. s i z e 17" wide, 29" high, 0.57 lbs or 0.26 kg p l a c e m e n t for optimum spin, 8" from nearest wall m a t e r i a l s birch plywood, ink pen, acrylic paint, clear thread. m a k e r s artwork by Brina Schenk, crafted and produced by Michelle Galway.